The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway, ever coming up with interesting ideas, is running what it calls ‘rail cruises’ on Friday evenings throughout August. Colin Fewell, commercial director of the railway, commented: “We reckon the view from our carriage windows is as good as you can get from a train anywhere.

“On a fine evening you can see the Malverns and as far as the Black
Mountains in the distance – so we’ve decided to make the most of it with
these leisurely ‘cruises’!

“This can be a really magical time – the setting sun bathes the Cotswolds in
golden light – the perfect conditions for a cruise, in fact!”

But rather than a boat, the railway is running its cosy diesel railcar which
dates from the early 1960s. Equipped with huge windows there’s a
pretty-much uninterrupted view from the train. “Given that you can also see
forward past the driver at the golden rails ahead it’s pretty unbeatable!”

Mr Fewell adds.

Floating through the Cotswolds? Well, maybe not – but it’s as close as you
can get on a railway line!

Trains depart:

* All remaining August Friday evenings

* Toddington station at 19.00 for the round trip to Cheltenham
Racecourse, back through Toddington to Laverton and return at about 21.00

* Refreshments available during the voyage when the train calls at
Winchcombe’s 1950’s style ‘Coffee Pot’ café

* Fares: Adults £12; children up to 16 FREE – just turn up and ride!

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