Recently today, many Gloucester residents were forced to shut their doors and windows for protection. They are facing this after a very long time. 

The residents complained that they are tired of ashes and smoke that has been bothering them for days. The regular “burn-ups” are still happening despite the reported petition from Gloucester City Council to the people telling them to stay home during the lockdown.

The council has shown concern regarding people who are facing problems in their area.

One Tredworth resident, who does not wish to be named, reported to the journalists that more bonfires mean he had to close all his doors and windows the entire summer.

He focused on describing how these bonfires smoke disturbs their peace of mind. 

“We cannot put the clothes to dry outside, cuz if I do, the particles from the smoke lingers on the surface of the clothes and produces a horrible smell.” 

Another resident who has lived on Hatfield Road for more than 13 years reported to us that the bonfires have never been this worse since he came. 

He has been keeping a tab on these bonfires, and with the passing years, these similar incidents are rapidly increasing, he added.

Back in July, the city’s fire and rescue team had reported two similar incidents happening within two days from the same location in Tredworth.

Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service confirmed that firefighters had to report twice on July 17th at the same location. The first case was from 6 PM to 9.57 PM, and the second case was reported at 11.40 PM of that following night.

While the first case got logged as “Bonfire” and due action was taken, but the later ones were reported as “controlled bonfire”, and no further action was taken to put it out.

The Gloucester City Council has commented that “legislations are there to control the bonfire which is applied only to frequent lightings of the bonfires at their premises.”

“We would like to request everyone to think about their neighbourhood before lighting a new bonfire.”

“Garden bonfires have a brutal tendency to affect vegetation and spread across the road. They have dangerous effects on people with breathing difficulties, respiratory problems, and especially for the patients who are suffering from coronavirus.”