People always say, “do what you love and love what you do,” but the chances are that not many people follow it.

There are regular jobs such as fixing pipes or serving drinks, and then there are jobs like climbing up 3000-foot high towers or flying a plane through a horrific storm for ‘research.’

Nonetheless, if there’s a job, there’s always someone to do it. Sometimes it’s because they have no other choice and need to provide but a handful, like the adrenaline.


Snake milker

This job involves big, angry, venomous snakes whose main aim is to sink their fangs into you.

Snake venom is actually vital, as, bizarrely, it’s used to create anti-venom to help treat snakebite victims.

Unfortunately, the process of getting it is highly dangerous.

One person who does this is the owner and director of Kentucky Reptile Zoo, Jim Harrison.

Jim spends his days milking the venom from snakes – and what’s even more shocking, he does it for free.

He confesses that he’s been bitten so much that he’s forgotten how many times but says he’s been ‘envenomed’ nine times.

He’s also been put on life support four times after being bitten.

This job is risky and terrifying but perfect for a reptile-loving adrenaline addict. 

Average salary: $40,000

Rodeo clown

This job title conjures up an image of a person with make-up, green hair and very baggy trousers sitting on top of a horse that’s violently trying to throw them off.

And that’s partly right.

The rodeo clowns are entertainers who put their lives at risk.

And it’s bulls they deal with rather than horses.

Their main job is to protect the rodeo riders who get knocked off the bull.

By “clowning” they distract the enraged animal away from the rider.

This job is certainly not easy and takes a daredevil to do so.

Average salary: $36,865

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Bomb squad technician

“The ability to keep calm in stressful situations”

This phrase very much defines the life of a bomb squad technician.

The role is to defuse bombs, which is phenomenally dangerous and the technicians have huge responsibility on their shoulders.

It’s not for the faint-hearted and, in fact, only the bravest and strongest of will would consider the role.

Average Salary: $56,730

Crime scene cleaner

Ever thought about what happens to all the gruesome mess after crime scene investigators have finished their investigation?

Well, that’s where the crime scene cleaners come in.

Not only is this a chaotic and displeasing job, but it’s also a bit risky.

There’s a constant threat of contamination from diseases like hepatitis.

It’s an important role that restores areas for public use, as well as cleaning up any potential public health issues.

Average salary: $52,401

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