A florist from Los Angeles had a great idea for people on Valentine’s day who haven’t been so lucky with love.

This business is aimed at people who want to get back at their ex-partners to share their feelings of resentment.

Dirty Rotten Flowers sells bouquets of flowers.


But these flowers are slightly different from the norm- they’re dirty dead flowers.

The company’s slogan on Facebook says: “Revenge is a dish best served florally!”

The owner, Roman Sacke, said: “For many, using Dirty Rotten Flowers is affordable therapy. I’m sure the recipients aren’t always happy about receiving DRF, but the senders always seem to be satisfied.”

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The business idea came from a joke where Sake thought about starting a second business on the side, reusing old flowers from his main business: Roman Sacke Floral Design.

Sake said: “I guess my sense of humor comes from my Czech background. We tend to have this dark, off-beat sense of humor. Needless to say, I put together this Web site on a whim and it just seemed to take off. We got some criticism, but mostly from people who have a limited sense of humor.”

The flowers offered on his website are:

  • Morticia: a dozen of roses without heads.
  • I Love You, NOT: the most popular bouquet.
  • Bad Lay: lei of dead blooms.

The flowers are sent in a glossy black box covered in hot pink tissue paper secured with a ribbon with the company’s logo.

You can choose to send the flowers with a card, and it’s all anonymous.

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