Everyone asks the question; what’s the best thing you’re guaranteed to get out of being an entrepreneur?

The common answer you will get is freedom, pride that you had the guts to take a chance, and money.

But by far the best thing you’ll get is the stories.

Start a business, and you may succeed or fail, but you will walk away with the funniest, most bizarre stories you’ll be telling for the rest of your life.


The times you did an important phone call in a really weird place

Being an entrepreneur means you will be doing business wherever you can.

Sometimes that means taking calls and doing deals in weird places.

Larry Gadea, CEO of Envoy, says he regularly has to “take calls with investors and hold meetings in the server room,” even though it’s filled with loud fans as background noise.

The time you couldn’t figure out the most simple technology

If you’re in an office most of your day will consist of using a computer and figuring out all the new technology we are getting every day.

Some people will be able to work a complicated coding platform but not a coffee machine.

Adelyn Zhou, co-founder of TopBots says “everyone’s an engineer, yet no one can figure out how to connect to the darn Apple TV.”

Tyler Hanson, a data scientist says: “working on a floor full of brilliant developers, yet no one knows how to work the espresso machine.”

The times you had to share offices with some really strange other startups

Sometimes, as a small business, you don’t have a lot of choices around the office you get.

Therefore, you have to deal with sharing the space with other companies.

Craig Bloem, founder and CEO of FreeLogoServices.com, talks about sitting in the office one evening only to realize they were sharing space with some kind of band–“a ukulele, piano, and singing.”

The times you realize you’re working for free food and booze

Working with a lot of people is not always a bad thing.

It means more birthdays and larger celebrations for holidays such as Christmas.

Of course, a lot of companies seem to pay people in snacks.

Karen Calonico, events manager at Revel Systems, calls it “The free lunch 15. Free lunches and snacks are great until you look in the mirror a few months later.”

The times everyone hated your company

Being an entrepreneur means you need thick skin.

You’ll get rejected many more times than you succeed.

Anlynn Liu, co-founder of Lifestone said: “We knew we had developed a terrific new wellness device. So when those who tested it complained, we were pretty surprised.”

“Some people did not know how to use the device,” he says. “Others were using it incorrectly. Some people didn’t like our packaging. It was a surprise, but also a learning experience.”

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