Some of the great business minds of our age often also have a way with words.

We take a look at some of the great quotes from the world of business below.

“I got this childhood dream, when I was about seven or eight, of being extremely wealthy and extremely charitable. That was visualized by me being chauffeur-driven in a Rolls-Royce, handing £5 notes to poor people.”

Phones 4u founder and billionaire John Caudwell, who grew up on a Council estate, was quoted in The Daily Telegraph.

“Failing to keep my financial affairs in order which resulted in a discrepancy in my tax costing me more than £100,000 in 2015 -was probably the most painful experience of my life because it cleaned me out I’d been doing own accounts. The moral story? Get a good accountant!”

Strictly Come Dancing contestant Robin Windsor on his biggest mistake, quoted in The Sunday Times.

“The fact is that artists don’t like dealing with boring, underpaid, little people. They like dealing with stars as big as they are. Why do you think Richard Branson and Chris Blackwell had the success they did at their record companies?”

Former record-label executive Peter Jamieson attempting to justify lavish pay for top music industry managers, quoted in The Times.

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