Lay’s is a brand of potato chips, as well as the name of the company that founded the brand in the United States.

The brand has also sometimes been referred to as Frito-Lay because both Lay’s and Fritos are brands sold by the Frito-Lay company, which has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of PepsiCo since 1965.

The famous slogan appeared in a commercial called “Messier, Just One” from Lays 59 years ago.

“Betcha can’t eat just one” was the 1963 advertising campaign slogan by Young & Rubicam.

From then on, this slogan became well-known and people tended to think of Lay’s when they saw or heard anything about “Bet you can’t eat just one”.

The slogan is very true – it’s almost impossible to eat a single potato chip after opening a bag.

The advertising slogan referenced the addictive nature of potato chips and the unlikelihood that anyone would be satisfied with just one.

The implication, of course, was that the taste of these chips would keep anyone from putting them down.

They were so good that the consumer should just plan on indulgence.

This advertising slogan, while self-complementary for Lay’s, was also a warning.

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