The Austin Independent School District (ISD) may cut more than 600 jobs in the coming school year’s budget, but this will mean higher pay for teachers and staff on campus.

No teacher or staff member on campus has been laid off as a result of the job cuts.

The district intends to eliminate 375 positions from the central office, 230 of which will be eliminated as a result of retirements and resignations this summer.


AISD says it will assist employees in the remaining 145 central office positions in finding new jobs within or outside of the district.

These positions will be filled until the end of the fiscal year on Thursday, June 30.

More than 250 of the job cuts are unfilled campus positions.

Since the district made major operational savings in 2018, including stipend cuts, the only cuts that will assist cover the budget gap must now come from personnel costs, according to the district.

 Payroll accounts for a little over 86 percent of the district’s annual budget.

The proposal would save AISD $51.9 million in salary increases for teachers and staff, with a possible 2% pay raise and $1,000 increase in base pay for teachers and a $16-an-hour minimum wage for the lowest-paid positions.

Bus drivers may also see an increase in pay to a minimum wage of $21 per hour AISD says this is desirable to keep on viable with other Austin-area school districts increasing their wages.

In addition to job cuts and increased pay for teachers and staff, the district is proposing a $2 million equity allotment to support campuses with economically disadvantaged students. Campuses would also benefit from increased per-pupil funding.

AISD says that these investments would help campuses fund special projects or clubs for students whose families may not be able to pay out-of-pocket for those activities.

AISD is projected to spend $761 million in recapture for the current 2021-2022 school year, meaning the district is projecting a $37.3 million increase for the next school year.

More than $1 out of every $4 paid into the recapture system comes from Austin taxpayers.

Source: Fox7Austin

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