Have you ever thought about how the well-known brands you interact with every day got their logos?

It takes hours of consumer research to come up with the colors and symbols as that is what will reflect their brand’s values in the hope to inspire consumers – but sometimes, they’re happy accidents. 

Here are some intriguing origin tales behind iconic logos in industries from fast food to luxury fashion.


The Olympics

The legendary Olympics logo
Credit Scazon 8211 Flickr

The world-famous rings of the International Olympic Committee symbolize five inhabited continents that partake in the games – The Americas, Asia, Oceania, Europe, and Africa.

The colors represent the colors of the nation’s flag that participates.


Starbucks8217 logo is a mermaid

To get to the origin of the Starbucks logo, you will need to know the history of the company first.

It all began with a coffee roaster in Pike Place Market. The market’s place on the waterfront certainly plays a part in the branding, but it’s because the founders simply liked names beginning with a “St” sound.

They came across the name of the chief in Moby Dick and favored it.

They needed an appropriately maritime logo to go with the name and found an aged woodcut of a two-tailed mermaid.

She’s experienced a few facelifts and has gotten a bit more humble, but this siren is here to remain.


The Mercedes logo symbolizes conquering motorization over land, sky and water. 

The indulgence car brand used to be two different car businesses: Daimler and Benz & Cie.

A few years before they came together, Daimler embraced the three-point star logo to portray his company’s pursuit of conquering motorization over land, sky and water. 


Apple8217s famous logo

Steve Jobs called his company Apple because he was in the middle of a fruitarian craze diet.

He went to an apple farm where he had the idea that a company called “Apple” would come across as amusing, vibrant, and not intimidating.

Those are the three qualities he wanted people to associate with the novel concept of a computer. 

The business’s first logo had an image of Sir Isaac Newton under an apple tree. But this was quickly discarded in turn for something more dapper: the now-iconic apple.

It was decided Apple’s logo should have a bite out of it so people wouldn’t mistake it with a cherry.


Versace8217s logo is based on ruins in Italy

Gianni Versace’s Medusa logo is based on on the floor of ruins in Reggio Calabria, Italy, which is where he grew up.

Apart from this thoughtful angle, Donatella Versace says the legend behind Medusa was also a reason for picking it.

Before being changed to a monster, Medusa had a captivating beauty that made people fall in love with her forever, and Gianni wanted his brand to inspire the same loyalty and adoration in fashionistas.