Apple jobs have released Tracker Detect for Android. It will allow Android users to look for AirTags and other Find My-compatible trackers. The Cupertino, California-based company first announced the app in June, promising that it would allow Android users to discover trackers that were possibly being used without their knowledge.

According to the app’s listing on the Google jobs Play Store, it can scan for devices and, if any are found, it will allow you to play an alarm sound on them to help you find them. It also provides information on who owns the AirTag and how to disable it if necessary.

However, the app will not continuously scan in the background and warn you. You must conduct a manual search.

It also does not allow you to manage AirTags linked to an Apple account. According to an Apple statement to CNET, the app is intended to raise “the bar on privacy” for users and the industry.

Apple previously introduced safety features for iPhone users, such as an alert that will notify an iPhone user if an AirTag that does not belong to them is tracking them.

Prior to the release of this new Tracker Detect app, Android jobs users had no such feature.

Source: Pocket-Lint

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