Apple is being sued in a class-action lawsuit for allegedly failing to pay New York State employees on a weekly basis.

Raven Ramos, a former Apple Store employee who worked on Fifth Avenue, is suing on behalf of herself and current Apple Store employees in New York.

Companies in New York are required by law to pay manual labor on a weekly basis. This counts for employees who “engaged or have engaged in manual work in the course of their employment.”


A corporation can, however, get permission from the New York Department of Labor Commissioner to pay its employees semi-monthly (twice a month).

Ramos says her employment obligations at the Apple Store included at least 25 percent manual labor.

This includes “working the sales floor, unboxing products, emptying cash registers, and assisting customers.”

She says Apple’s alleged failure to pay timely wages also caused Ramos to lose “the time value of that money.”

Apple does not have the authority to pay on a semi-monthly basis. The Cupertino-based firm has many locations in New York and employs tens of thousands of people there.

Ramos, a Port Chester, New York resident, worked at Apple from October 2010 until January 2018 and was paid semi-monthly throughout.

The class-action lawsuit comprises at least 100 employees and alleges that the total claims of each member are “in excess of $5 million.”

The parties involved are looking to receive “the amount of their untimely paid wages as liquidated damages” from Apple.

It’s also seeking “reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs, and pre-judgment and post-judgment interest.”

Source: 9to 5 Mac

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