Apple has employed anti-union attorneys at Littler Mendelson in an ongoing battle with Atlanta retail employees who have filed for a union election.

The firm has not officially announced its stand on Apple Store unionization.

However, the action seems to send a clear message the company intends to discourage workers organizing for improved compensation and working conditions.


Speaking anonymously. a retail employee said: “Pay is so unequal at the stores — there are people who’ve been in roles for less time making more than people who’ve worked in those same roles for years.

“They position themselves as a company that’s open to feedback but nobody acts on it.

“With a union backing the employees, they’ll be more pressure on them to actually act on it.”

The union fight follows a challenging two years for retail workers who dealt with COVID-19 breakouts and mental health problems aggravated by excessive workloads.

Apple store workers at Atlanta‘s Cumberland Mall filed for a union election last week.

The employees have joined the Communications Workers of America to form a union.

The move sparked a whirlwind of organizing activity at Apple Stores across the country.

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It is reported that the corporation has hosted captive audience meetings, a common strategy used to propagate anti-union messages during work hours.

Apple did not respond to a request for comment on its connection with Littler.

Littler is also representing Starbucks in its efforts to prevent employee unionization.

It previously assisted McDonald’s in avoiding liability in a 2014 lawsuit, where the firm was accused of violating labor regulations as a joint employer by retaliating against workers who engaged in the Fight for $15 movement.

Source: The Verge

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