Apple CEO Tim Cook has admitted remote working and the return to the office is the “mother of all experiments” as he strives to “make the best of both worlds.”

Cook was asked about the most significant changes in the workplace at the moment, and responded: “We’re doing the mother of all experiments because we don’t know.”

“We’re running a pilot and trying to find a place that makes the best of both of these worlds.”


While he prefers the “serendipity” of in-person meetings, he says virtual connections are “not inferior, just different.”

Apple has been stricter in requiring its employees to return to work than some of its competitors.

Ian Goodfellow, the company’s former machine learning director, publicly mentioned this policy as the reason he departed in May.

Goodfellow stated: “I believe strongly that more flexibility would have been the best policy for my team.”

Cook cited Zoom and Cisco’s WebEx when discussing video chat solutions.

He said the aim is to create a model that benefits of both in-person and virtual interaction, and said the final model will look very different from what is now in use.

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He said: “We could be the first to say the starting point is likely wrong and will take tweaks.”

Though he declined to comment on Apple’s augmented reality efforts, he said the technology “has a possibility of increasing our discourse, of strengthening our relationship, rather than replacing it.”

Source: Business Insider

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