Offices can be dull, grey spaces where bored workers sit at their desks waiting to go home.

However, that’s not always the case.

Some companies put a lot of thought into their work spaces – and spend a lot of money.

The architects are then able to come up with something truly spectacular, which looks incredible and gives staff a really great place to work.

Here are five of the best offices from all around the world that you can use as examples to convince your boss to make some changes at your workplace.


Comvert, Milan, Italy

Comvert office is unique,inspired & simple –build an indoor skate bowl which sat suspended above the warehouse.— Cairo Business Park (@CairoBusiness) July 7, 2015

Comvert is an Italian alternative clothing business.

The company bought and converted an old, deserted cinema into its offices, which turned out to be the ideal space to flaunt their street credibility.

The facility was big enough to accommodate all the offices, storage spaces, and a shopfront.

Yahoo reported the high ceiling of the building means Comvert was able to install an indoor skate bowl above the warehouse.

Inventionland, Pittsburgh, US

Inventionland in Pittsburgh

The 70,000 sqft building is the base of Davison Design & Development, and according to founder and CEO George Davison, “home to the largest invention factory in the world.”

Office Snapshots visited and found saw workers are called “Creationeers.”

Some even wear lab coats while working in what is thought to be one of the best video/sound/animation studios and completely-equipped workshops where they make prototypes of creations.

The building features 15 themes, ranging from race tracks, pirate ships, and fake caves to a castle, red carpet walkways, or a massive robot.

Corus Quay, Toronto, Canada

Corus Quay – Image: Jeff Hitchcock, Flickr

Corus Quay is the base of Corus Entertainment, a Canadian entertainment and media group. The waterfront building looks over a port and has a number of eco-friendly elements such as a five-story green wall.

Inhabitat said the green wall also acts as a bio-filter, and the facility uses recycled materials and rainwater to decrease water and energy usage.

A three-story indoor slide that curves down into the atrium to allow staff to welcome visitors in a very cool way.

All walls and furniture are lustrously-colored, equipped with giant TV screens, and workers have meetings at tables that look like hockey rinks.

Saatchi & Saatchi, Bangkok, Thailand

Saatchi&Saatchi offices, Bangkok,Thailand. Is this a gym or an office? #cooloffices— Pizzitutti_MG (@Pizzitutti_MG) March 1, 2014

The advertising agency’s headquarters is full of bizarre and fun features that circle a movement and action theme.

Urbanpeek said that design company Supermachine Studio was tasked to turn the small office space with a budget into an area that is “genuinely fun to come to everyday.”

Zynga, San Francisco, US

Zynga’s San Francisco office. Image: Yusuke Kawasaki, Flickr

Zynga is a social games provider that knows how to wallow in the glow of its innovations.

According to Business Insider, the headquarters is dog-friendly and has neon-lit tunnels and arrows showing workers the right direction.

The office accommodates 1,700 people who, when not creating gaming software, are relaxing at the various food stations or shooting zombies at their gaming arcade in the cellar.

The company sold the office for $6 million in 2019.

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