America is perhaps one of the most affected places in the world when it comes to COVID-19. While the reason behind this is open to debate (and not something we’re going to engage in), there is no doubt that significant damage has been done to the country. 

Assessing the damage is quite a task, to be honest. It’s all about taking a look at what some of the most affected areas are, and what this means for people. Ultimately, the most affected part of America is the people, so it’s important to understand how they are suffering.

Understanding the Damage 

Understanding the potential damage is part of the challenge here. There’s a lot of things that we don’t necessarily know, and a lot of different problems that could arise as a result of COVID-19.

Obviously, coastal towns are going to be one of the hardest hit places, because they are in essence a tourism run. These are places which typically cater to the tourism industry in a significant way; in some cases with up to 70% of the total economy of the city being down to the tourism industry. So when people can’t get down to your facilities to use them, there are no tourists, and there is no cash flow. 

Badly Damaged Places

If we take a look at some of the biggest damaged places in America, we start to see a pattern emerging. Hawaii, Ocean City in New Jersey, those places are all suffering.

Fundamentally, people need the tourism industry to continue functioning in those towns for the economy to keep spinning. COVID-19 has severely depleted the resources that people need to work with. There is no one coming, which means that businesses can’t stay open, places can’t afford to retain as many staff, and tourism opportunities are squandered. 

What is the Solution?

You might be wondering what the end result is, what the solution is. A large portion of relief should come from the American government. Every country has been tasked with making sure that its economy survives this challenging period in history, and the American government is no different. They will need to provide relief packages, concentrating cash flow into areas where the tourism industry was the driving force, like a lot of coastal towns.

The hope is that the American government will provide a comprehensive relief program, making sure that the coastal towns and the areas surrounding them, as they will feed resources into these towns, are directly protected and looked after, with their losses compensated.

In conclusion, this is a challenging period for the whole world but coastal towns suffer particularly, however, it is something that can be remedied. It’s up to the American government to step up and take responsibility for providing relief, making sure that every business has a suitable package available to them that will help them to get back on their feet. A lot of businesses just can’t survive the effects of COVID-19, whether it is reopening after the lockdowns have been lifted or simply surviving the period itself.