Amazon workers are “determined to win” the first-ever UK strike as they demand higher pay and better working conditions.

According to the GMB union, the strike and refusal to negotiate will cost the company more than £2 million.

This week, more than 350 workers walked out and joined a picket line outside the Amazon BHX4 depot in Coventry.

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The GMB said its strike fund has received donations as workers continue to receive community support.

GMB regional organiser Finbar Bowie said Amazon is one of the world’s wealthiest corporations and is being taken on by a group of low-paid workers from the West Midlands.

He said: “It’s a big contrast of power and you can’t help but see the David and Goliath angle to it.”

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“The workers are boiled up and absolutely determined to win this as they’ve got clear demands. We’re asking Amazon to talk pay and that’s the bottom line.”

He added Amazon does not recognise the union or “necessarily engage with the specific points we ask of them”.

Striking workers are yet to hear from the employer regarding a deal.

Amazon claims only a small percentage of its employees are participating in the strikes.

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The strikes are scheduled to continue on March 2 and for five days in a row between March 13 and March 17.

Source: Retail Gazette

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