Amazon is expanding its reach into your home with new gadgets that track your sleep, control your TV, and even help you write notes while reading.

The tech giant announced a short list of new and upgraded devices during its annual product-launch event, which was streamed online on Wednesday, September 28.

Among the dozen products that look to be the most ready-made for Christmas gifting is a version of Amazon’s Kindle e-reader named the Scribe with a stylus for digital note-taking.


The Halo Rise is a bedside lamp that both functions as an alarm and a futuristic way to collect data about your sleep.

A core focus of many updates is to facilitate often disparate Amazon electronics to work better with one another.

The Echo Dot talking speaker can now serve as an extender base station for the company’s Eero mesh WiFi devices.

Its Echo Show gadget now runs software that resembles a Fire TV.

The Omni, an Amazon-branded Fire TV, now functions as a large Echo speaker for your wall.

Every time you say the wake word “Alexa,” the TV has its own far-field microphones that pick up on it.

Many consumers consider Apple as the top gadget maker and an ecosystem in which all of its products work seamlessly together. 

Amazon is increasingly trying to persuade people to think of it in the same way, but for domestic life, and with its Alexa artificial intelligence as the linking fabric.

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The new products offer Amazon more ways to collect data about your home, family, and even your body, surveillance the firm says will make them more proactively useful.

During the event, Amazon SVP Dave Limp emphasized the “ambient intelligence” possibilities that result from Amazon collecting all of that personal data.

The new Halo Rise bedroom light, for example, has contactless sensors that track the nearby person’s nocturnal activity.

Alexa can utilize it to automatically adjust lights and thermostats all around the home.

Amazon previously revealed a domestic robot named Astro and a home surveillance drone called the Always Home Cam, both of which are currently not available to the general public.

The Astro robot did appear at the event on Wednesday to demonstrate several new software features, including the potential to serve as a remote security officer.

Source: The Washington Post

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