Amazon hired anti-union consultants for up to $20,000 per week to work at its warehouses in Staten Island, New York, documents filed with the US Department of Labor suggest.

Lev Labor, a consultancy specializing in collective bargaining, union organizing campaigns and labor relations strategy and development was engaged to represent the interests of Amazon relative to labor matters.

Workers at JFK8, an Amazon warehouse on Staten Island, had noticed the presence of anti-union consultants, where the first unionization occurred on April1.


It is reported that a union avoidance consultant advised employees that if they unionized, pay negotiations with Amazon may become as low as the minimum wage.

Amazon is now experiencing a surge in unionization efforts. A union vote is scheduled to begin on April 25 at a nearby Staten Island site.

Lev Labor’s “proposed intervention” is to offer Amazon with “three to five” on-site consultants to “interact directly” with Amazon employees for a minimum of five days each week.

The consultants would connect with employees through “meetings,” “walk-throughs,” and “focus groups.”

The expected cost per consultant per week is 17k-20k, based on an hourly rate of $400 per consultant.

Amazon appears to have hired more than one business to supply anti-union consulting, including Lev Labor.

Documents maintained by the DOL reveal various interactions between Amazon and four other consultants since January 2021.

Source: Business Insider

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