Amazon employees marched in Seattle’s Pride Parade to protest the online retailer’s continued selling of anti-transgender books.

More than two dozen Amazon employees hoisted a large banner that stated, “No Hate at Amazon” during a march on Sunday, June 25.

No hate at Amazon is an activist group which has pinned the blame on the company for “spreading a culture of hatred through the sale of transphobic books, promoting and profiting off content that advocates for the abuse of transgender children.”


A swarm of marchers in bright clothes and floats moved along 4th Avenue, many carrying rainbow flags.

Some sported Transgender Pride flags, and platform boots, and were accompanied by a boom box playing dance music.

Some Amazon employees in Seattle protested earlier this month during the company’s Pride Flag raising event, expressing their displeasure with the continuous selling of “transphobic” publications.

It includes “Irreversible Damage” by Abigail Shrier and “Johnny the Walrus” by Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire.

The group accused the Pride Flag hoisting event, a was a “PR stunt” that was “blatant rainbow-washing” everybody.

At the same time, the business continued to offer “content that aids and encourages the psychological abuse of transgender children.”

The company previously discontinued sales of the book “When Harry Became Sally” in March 2021 because of its description of “LGBTQ+ identify as a mental illness.”

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So far, over 600 employees have signed a petition to have the information deleted, and over 20 have left the firm as a result of the sale of titles that they claim misrepresent what it means to be transgender.

Several other transgender employees are said to want to leave after completing specific gender-affirming surgeries, a difficult and challenging process that can take years and may be interrupted by changing workplaces and insurance policies.

Seattle Pride organizers rejected the firm as a corporate sponsor many months ago, citing its backing of legislators and organizations that advocate anti-LGBTQ legislation.

Amazon spokesperson Maggie Sivon said: “We respect that many people care deeply about this topic, and we remain committed to providing an inclusive work environment for all of our 1.6 million employees.”

“As a company, we believe strongly in diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a bookseller, we’ve chosen to offer a very broad range of viewpoints, including books that conflict with our company’s stated positions.”

Source: The Daily Wire

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