Amazon’s sudden decision to get staff back into the office has created widespread discontent amongst its staff.

Staff across the company have joined a Slack channel to voice their concerns and it is reported several staff members are organizing a petition against CEO Andy Jassy’s plans.

CEO Andy Jassy revealed last week most staffers would be mandated to work in-person three days a week from May.

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More than 5,000 staff have joined the Slack channel, created to “advocate for remote work at Amazon” and seeks “data, anecdotes, articles about the benefits of remote work.”

As of Tuesday, February 21, the channel had more than 14,000 members.

Many staff using the channel to voice dissatisfaction, surprise, and anger. 

Employees are said to be outraged by the abruptness of the news and the lack of clarification from leadership.

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An impromptu survey within the Slack channel found nearly 80 percent of respondents revealing they’d consider changing jobs.

The ruckus is the latest in a string of chaos at Amazon, which is through a major cost-cutting phase.

Amazon announced its biggest layoffs in company history in January, laying off 18,000 employees.

It has also phased out or wind up many projects across the organization. 

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Employees in the Slack channel said that returning to the office was unnecessary as many teams had become geographically dispersed.

Some said it’s confusing that certain teams got rid of assigned desks in recent months in anticipation of a longer remote-work period. 

Amazon isn’t the only tech titan requiring a return to work, as many of its rivals, including Apple, Google, and Salesforce, are executing similar mandates.

Source: Insider

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