Amazon’s workforce has fallen by around 100,000 which is the biggest decline in the company’s history.

The e-commerce giant still employs 1.5 million people but has seen big losses at its fulfillment centers and in its distribution network.

Amazon CFO Brian Olsavsky said the company would be more careful in recruiting at its headquarters and other sites in the future.


He said: “I think it’s right for people to step back and question their hiring plans. We’re doing that, as well.”

“I don’t think you’ll see us hiring at the same pace we did over the last year, or the last few years.”

During a conference call with investors, Olsavsky stated that the business added 14,000 employees in Q1.

He said: “Prior year, we had reduced our net headcount by 27,000. So we’re pretty transparent about the fact that we had hired a lot of people in Q1 for the coverage of the omicron variant.”

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He added: “That has come down through adjusting our hiring levels and normal attrition, and is pretty — was pretty much resolved by the end of April or early part of May.”

“So that is dominating the quarter-over-quarter reduction in headcount.”

Amazon stated that the workforce is currently stabilizing.

Olsavsky said: “It was a very difficult labour period in the second half of last year, and it didn’t arrive kind of quickly out of nowhere.” 

“So we’re certainly diligent on that and making sure we have a good workplace and an environment that will attract employees.”

Amazon will continue to hire in a “very targeted” manner.

Source: Business Standard

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