A group has been formed to bring a number of lawsuits against Amazon suppliers, who allege violations of competition law and the Groceries Supply Code of Practices.

According to The Grocer, a group of high-profile lawyers has formed The Responsible Online Commerce Coalition (ROCC).

The group is is gathering evidence for claims including sellers not having equal access to the platform, the freedom to set prices and offer discounts, and no dispute resolution processes.

The ROCC said it hopes to gain support from small and large businesses among the marketplace’s 250,000 sellers.

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ROCC lawyer and Geradin Partners partner Tom Smith told the publication the Groceries Supply Code of Practice is “part of its arsenal” against Amazon.

Amazon has recently changed its practises, including a January commitment to provide “reasonable written notice” when products are red-flagged by its system.

However, it continues to investigate complaints from suppliers, who claim it is permitted to operate in ways that traditional retailers are not.

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ROCC’s move is timed to capitalise on new UK legislation that goes into effect in April via a new Digital Markets Unit within the Competitions Market Authority.

The new legislation will lay out new rules for competition and fairness in online markets, with Amazon expected to be scrutinised more closely.

Source:   Retail Gazette

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