Airbnb has cut some recruitment positions as it expects slower growth in 2023.

The cuts are in human resources and come as the firm plans to increase its headcount by two percent to four percent this year.

Airbnb has not revealed the number of recruiting roles affected by the downsizing.

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The San Francisco-based company, which runs a marketplace for short-term rentals, expanded its global staff by 11 percent in 2022.

A company representative said: “Even though we expect to grow our head count in 2023, we have made the difficult decision to reorganize and reduce the size of our recruiting team to reflect our hiring projections.” 

However, the representative stressed the staff restructuring call does not mean the firm would be carrying out the type of large scale layoffs seen in other companies.

The vacation rental business warned last month that it would try to maintain its cost structure after earning its first annual profit in 2022.

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Due to dropping average daily rates, the company expects Ebitda margins to be around the same in 2023 as last year.

It is a metric that calculates customers’ average daily rate for a reservation.

CFO Dave Stephenson said: “The way in which we are going to be able to offset the margin impact of those declines will be through fixed cost discipline.

“We are going to continue to grow, but we are going to grow modestly.”

As of December 31, Airbnb had 6,811 employees around the world.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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