There is yet more bad news in the flight industry as it has been announced Air Canada will be letting go more people due to the prolonged effect of Covid-19. At least 5,000 employees will be losing their job from the airline by the end of 2021. The statement came just after it announced plans to suspend 17 international routes. The Canadian government has announced measures to ensure proper safety rules are being met for international travelers, which includes mandatory quarantine in hotels for a set period of time.

Air Canada, the country’s largest airline, stated the suspension of international schedules will start from February 2021 and will continue until the end of April. A spokesperson for Air Canada said, “We are further reducing our trans-border and international commercial schedule as a result of Covid-19.” The international routes from Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto will be suspended with immediate effect. However, travelers who have already booked their flight can reschedule it or find an alternative way. Any passengers who cancel their flights however will not be entitled to reiceve a refund.

The airline has also informed that the layoffs will also be applicable to the management team. This round of job cuts will result in a huge loss of workforce when compared to the pre-pandemic period.

Ottowa’s request to temporarily suspend of a few destinations reduced the operation of the airline company. Shockingly, the other airline service Air Transit has completely stopped their operation, while fresh job cuts have taken place at WestJet Airlines. Air Canada’s decision to suspend its Rouge aircraft operation has also triggered 80 layoffs in a single week.

“The suspension on major routes to U.S. destinations like Boston, Fort Myers, New York, Washington DC, Denver, and Seattle will have a massive impact on the airlines”. said a spokesperson for WestJet Airlines. Also, the suspension will take place between London, Dubai, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong, Tokyo, etc. from February and will continue till the end of April. The government has been criticized for showing less importance to the airline industry, which has been going through terrible trading conditions as the pandemic continues. Discussions have been going on for months for financial aid for the employees who have lost their job during the Covid-19 pandemic, but as yet, nothing has transpired.