UK job search platform Adzuna has suspended all its activity in Russia, saying it is “shocked and horrified” at the action of Vladimir Putin.

The website trading as in the USA is heavily linked to the Government in the United Kingdom by providing employment data and was recently awarded the license to operate job portal FindaJob.Gov on their behalf.

Days after the Ukraine-based company urged its users to donate money to Ukraine to buy weapons, Adzuna has now moved to condemn the invasion.

A statement on LinkedIn from CEO Doug Monro said: “Everyone at Adzuna has been shocked and horrified at the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the resulting war in recent days.


“In protest at this, and because we want absolutely nothing to do with the current Russian leadership or military actions, we have suspended all commercial operations of and posted a message to that effect across the site in the hope that it may be read by the Russian people.

Adzuna.RU message to the Russian Government, but is Putin listening?

“We are saddened that this decision may make it more difficult for Russian job seekers, who have nothing to do with the conflict, to find jobs, but we feel we have no choice.”

The company urges people who want to help to donate to the RED Cross, UNHCR – the UN Refugee Agency or the International Rescue Committee.

Adzuna operates in the US, in the UK, and in Russia.

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