You’ve spent the last several years working hard at school and in your career, doing everything you can to ensure that you’ll have plenty of job opportunities once you graduate.

Now that you’re nearing the end of your studies, researching vacation packages in Iceland for when you get that first paycheck, it’s time to start looking for the job of your dreams.

While there are certainly steps that you should take to ensure that this happens, such as building your resume and practising mock interviews, there are also some more off-the-beaten-path tips that you should keep in mind if you want to get the job of your dreams.

6 Tips to Help You Get the Job of Your Dreams

1) Do Your Research

The internet is your friend. Use it to research the organisation you’re interested in and make sure that you know everything about what they do, what their mission is, and who their key personnel are. It will help you answer some of the tough questions during an interview like What excites you most about this position? or What do you know about our company? Plus, researching will give you a leg up on your competition by showing that you care enough to prepare.

2) Use Online Services

Use LinkedIn to find contacts and leads. Spend time crafting a stellar resume and cover letter. Find all the online events you can in regards to jobs and attend job fairs, meetups, and other career events. Update your social media profiles with your new job search status.

Utilize career sites like Monster or Indeed to find jobs that match your skills and experience level.

3) Networking in Person Is Still Important

Networking in person is still important, as it can open doors and give you access to people that are higher up on the food chain. The importance of networking in person will differ depending on your industry, but being able to create a personal connection can be useful in any field. Networking in person will also help you get your foot in the door for those jobs that are never posted online. The more connections you make, the better your chances are at finding something that is perfect for you.

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4) Build a Personal Brand

A personal brand is all about who you are. It’s how you want people to think of you, what your values are, and what your message is. Figuring out your personal brand can be difficult, but it’s worth it. In order for a potential employer to hire you, they need to know three things:

1) Who are you? 2) What do you bring? 3) Why should we hire you?

These three questions will help them determine if they want to work with someone like you. When you build and work on your personal brand you will be consistently answering these questions, making them easier to answer over time.

5) Don’t be Afraid to Cold Call

If you’re looking for a job and find yourself in a rut, this may be just the thing for you.

Cold calling is when someone calls someone they don’t know and tries to sell them something. If you’re trying to get a job, cold calling can be done with some tactful modifications.

For example, instead of saying I want a job, say I’m interested in your company.

This will make it seem like you are asking about their business rather than just asking for a job without any justification or explanation.

6) Try Flexible Working Hours

Flexible working hours are a great option for people who need more flexibility than a traditional 9-5 schedule.

With this type of arrangement, employees can decide when they want to work and when they want to take time off. This is especially helpful if you have family responsibilities or have trouble waking up early on certain days.

Flexible working hours also allow people who are self-employed or freelance workers an opportunity to meet their clients’ needs without sacrificing their own personal time.

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