The new U.S. Federal Employment Program is expected to push U.S. companies to go green and create new sustainable energy jobs. The federal U.S. Employment Program’s investment in renewable energy means that Ohioans should see an increase in renewable jobs across the state.

Heather Taylor-Meisle, president of the Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund, spoke during a panel discussion on renewable energy work last week. She said that the U.S. employment plan would inspire American companies to go green.

It’s gonna invest about 300 billion dollars to re-tool and revitalize American’s manufacturers, including providing incentives for manufacturers who are investing in innovative clean energy projects,” said Taylor-Meisle.

First Solar announced an investment of US$680 million in a new solar panel manufacturing plant in northwest Ohio. First Solar is the largest manufacturer of solar panels in the United States.

Michael Koralewski is the Chief of Manufacturing Operations at First Solar. At the symposium last week, he stated that Ohio’s investment in talent would give First Solar an advantage in a market dominated by China.

As they push to monopolize the global supply, we need to leapfrog its industrial dominance and subsidies with American ingenuity and innovation,” said Koralewski.

When the factory opens in 2023, it will become the largest fully integrated solar manufacturer outside China and is expected to create about 500 jobs.

Source: WYSO