Any brand can benefit from using custom stickers as a simple marketing strategy. Using them as a part of your branding and marketing plan is a no-brainer because they’re low-cost, fully customizable, and versatile. Although sticker design may look like a lot of fun, there’s more to it than meets the eye. 

In the beginning stages of designing your custom stickers, there are several common mistakes that you might make. To get you started, here’s what you need to steer clear of: 

  1. Attempting To Cram Too Much Information 

Be careful not to cram your custom sticker with information. Having too much information on your stickers makes your brand less memorable, as it’s difficult to comprehend.  

How would you feel if you entered a neat and clean room? Similarly, a consumer will have a more favorable impression of your brand if the visual promotion you’re employing (in this case, the bespoke sticker) is neat, well-designed, and well-presented. 

So, how can you keep it from looking chaotic? Now is the time to use ‘white space’ effectively. While the term ‘white space’ is often used to refer to a lack of color in a design, it can also refer to the separation of items by a visual cue. This way, the perception of proper spacing soothes and focuses the mind rather than overloading it. 

A custom sticker with some white space will make the text legible and give off a more professional vibe, which is perfect for businesses. It can also give your brand a more sophisticated, contemporary feel, which is great if you’re trying to attract affluent customers. 

This doesn’t mean that your design can’t be bright and colorful. Just ensure that your design shouldn’t be too complicated and easy to perceive. 

  1. Intricate Or Small Text 

Custom stickers should have clear, readable text, regardless of their size. This way, if you use fonts that are overly written, cursive, or elegant, their print may not be clear and may be hard to read. The size of the font shouldn’t be too small, either. If possible, try to stick to a font size of at least 6-point font size as a rule of thumb. Furthermore, you can print a sample on your laser or inkjet printer to double-check the font size. 

  1. Inconsistent With Brand Image Or Color Scheme 

Stickers are a great way to promote your brand, but remember that the design and colors should complement your brand. However, a color wheel can be a helpful tool if you still haven’t settled on a color scheme. A color wheel is a valuable tool in the field of design since it demonstrates the interplay between various hues. Here are a few color wheel applications: 

  • Complementary colors can be described as those on opposite sides of the color wheel. 
  • Colors adjacent to one another generate harmony, but not as strongly as colors that complement one another. 

Use the tips above to your benefit! A good rule of thumb is to limit your color palette to no more than three hues. 

  1. An Improperly Sized Container 

Custom stickers should have the proper container size. This is because the container’s size can affect its legibility. Additionally, if it doesn’t fit in the container, it may look unprofessional and give a negative first impression. Stickers can be used on various surfaces, so it’s essential to plan and make them suitable for the smallest surface you have in mind. To achieve a proper fit on a wide range of surfaces, it’s recommended to create many different sizes of stickers. 

  1. A Poor Selection Of Adhesive 

It’s crucial to consider where and what kind of surface your sticker will be stuck to before you start designing it. In this case, you should ask yourself the following: 

  • Where will the sticker be placed? 
  • Do you intend for the sticker to be securely fixed and difficult to remove? 
  • Is it essential to be detachable and compatible with a wide range of surfaces? 

If you know the answers to these questions, you can order the appropriate adhesive for your needs. Certain adhesives are more lasting than others, so getting the one you need is crucial.  

Final Thoughts 

Custom stickers are a cheap and effective method of advertising for any brand. Considering how affordable, adaptable, and versatile they are, including them in your branding and marketing strategy is a no-brainer. Sticker design may seem like a lot of fun at first glance, but it entails a lot of work. These are five of the few mistakes you should avoid when creating your custom stickers.


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