Many things impact the labor market annually.

And some of them are very difficult to predict, like the coronavirus pandemic.

And what is important is that it has made an impact that will remain for years.

Preferences for the remote format of work is the most obvious trend that appeared during the last years thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. 

At the same time, there are many other trends that are more predictable and may have a positive impact on the labor market. Digitalization is among such trends, for instance.

Some trends are predictable but some are not.

Still, forming a more or less clear view of the jobs that are always in demand is always possible.

Let’s look more precisely at the scope of job offers that will be always in demand within the nearest 5-10 years. 

TOP 5+ High Demand Careers in the Nearest Future

There are many good job offers.

But, if you are planning some career switches and want to be on the safe side while making your choice, take a more precise look at these jobs. They will remain steadily in demand within the next 5-10 years 100%. 

  1. IT professional 

This is a role that reasonably takes the #1 position in this list. This is a pretty diversified role that covers many functions.

First of all, IT professionals arrange the effective operation of IT systems that are in place in each organization or firm. Any IT specialist is also responsible for tracking how the internal system works and curing any bugs that may appear. 

This professional also prevents major cyber risks that may appear online. At a basic level that is available for even non-experienced users.

This becomes possible thanks to antivirus software and VPN servers.

The latter ones are extremely helpful in this course of preventing hacker attacks as they change an IP address that a device has and make those untraceable.

VeePN is especially helpful in this course. For some regions, this tool is also necessary to overcome any geo and governmental restrictions – having a VPN for Japan, for instance, is a must-have option for a comprehensive customer experience. An IT professional helps tools of this kind to work on the better security and functionality of any device and app. 

An IT specialist may also be a software developer. This specialist designs different apps and software. The professional also checks if things run smoothly. As you may guess, this job will be steadily popular as long as people use computers and smartphones.

  1. Marketing Professional

Nearly every step in the modern world needs promotion more or less. Anyone of us should be a marketing specialist at least a bit or take professional consultation at this point. And of course, any organization or firm is impossible without a skillful marketing specialist regardless of how this role is officially called in your team. 

This specialist helps to promote the products and services presenting those from the best side.

The job of this specialist is to convince people that certain products and services are better compared with the similar ones that competitors offer. Of course, nowadays, this is made not only thanks to the skills and abilities of a marketing specialist. Extra to a good background, it is also necessary to work with advanced software that helps in this course. Working with some TOP digital signage companies can facilitate this effort a lot. They help to create the best promotional content adapted to the requirements of the modern digital world. Many of them introduce innovations and are really irreplaceable for entrepreneurs.

  1. Financial Advisor

This profession is very important nowadays – a financial advisor helps people to manage their personal funds in a more professional and effective way. This activity covers short-term and long-term planning debt repayment and assists with managing investments. Financial advisors gain their funds thanks to the commissions or charging per hour rates for their consultations. 

  1. Truck Driver

This job requires far less specialized knowledge and skills compared to the previously mentioned ones. Still, it will be always in demand as it will be 100% always necessary to move some things from one point to another. Warehouses, rental stores, and other similar places should have truck drivers. These specialists also always raise good funds. 

  1. Home Health Aid

This is an important profession that will always be in demand.

A home health aid professional is responsible for caring for clients at their homes. These professionals help patients with completing their daily routines, like dressing, medications, etc.

Most often, these professionals care for the elderly. No formal education is needed to start fulfilling these duties. This job will always be in demand. 

Bottom Line

Regardless of the standard and unpredictable trends, there are always jobs that will keep their popularity and will always be in demand.

Such professions as IT and marketing specialists, financial advisors, truck drivers, and home health aid specialists will always be popular. If you are planning any career switches and want to be on the safe side 100%, draw special attention to these professions in the first turn. 

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