Medicom, a manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE), has created approximately 250 jobs in Northampton.

The Canada-based group opened its first British production plant in the city. The Northamptonshire factory has produced more than 1.5 million masks under the Kolmi brand every day to help the NHS fight the new coronavirus.

Previously, Medicom reached an agreement with the UK government to provide more than 600 million clinical masks to the NHS. The factory has a 60-meter-long clean room that produces two types of masks under strictly controlled conditions.

This facility represents a multi-million dollar investment. Medicom owns and operates 10 manufacturing bases around the world and employs 2,000 people worldwide.

Together with Medicom’s investment in Northampton, Berry Global Group established a production facility in South Wales to provide the necessary materials for mask filters.

Managing Director of Medicom in the UK, Hugues Bourgeois, said: “Not all face masks are of the same quality. Our new UK facility is probably one of the best in Europe”.

It’s a big commitment by our business. We’ve made it because we believe in the NHS and this country’s desire to strengthen PPE production in the UK – ensuring an adequate and secure supply of high-quality protection for essential workers to carry out their vital work safely and comfortably.

Northampton was chosen because it is close to the NHS supply station in Daventry. It also reduces the need for high-carbon footprint imports, and there are other important environmental benefits through the recycling process.

Source: The Business Desk