According to figures accessed by Financial Express, Apple’s manufacturing push in India has created approximately 20,000 jobs at suppliers like Foxconn and Wistron. The two Apple contract manufacturers have hired 7,500 workers each since August 2020. It is estimated that the vendors supplying inputs to these two companies such as Sunwoda, Foxlink, Salcomp and several others have also hired approximately 5,000 extra employees to support these direct suppliers to Apple.

As a result of generous incentives from the Indian government, Apple has onshored much of its iphone manufacturing operation to India over the last year. Partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic which showed the need to diversify its supply chain. Apple’s third major manufacturer Pegatron hasn’t started operations in India yet but once it does it will create a further 7,000 jobs.

Apple’s advances in production in India has not been without its issues. In Karnataka the Wistron’s plant the company’s Human Resources department was overwhelmed by the amount employees because of the huge hiring operation. Eventually due to a backlog of unpaid wages in December 2020 a riot broke out at the factory. Meaning work stopped at the factory for several months and only resumed at the plant in March.

In the next 5 years a total of 200,000 jobs are expected to be created in India as a result of Product Linked Incentive’s. These the heavy subsidies offered by the Indian government in the form of PLI aim to attract other majour manufacturing companies to India.

Source: iMore