SWAP (Sector-based Work Academy Program), offers a six-week-long training course for the job-hunters in both England and Scotland, and it will support nearly two million jobs through DWP’s (Department for Work and Pensions).

A statement delivered from the DWP’s headquarters in London says that almost 80,000 new opportunities have been opened up to improve the job market. The entire opportunity will be for the next financial year, as this financial year, the employment sector has witnessed a tremendous decline.

During the SWAP course, candidates will learn different skills along with some practical knowledge of various industries. Job seekers will be given help to establish contacts within the industry to secure long-term employment. Candidates enrolled under the SWAP course are guaranteed to get a live interview platform to get a suitable job offer. The opportunities will be in various fields, ranging from finance to healthcare.

Therese Coffey, the Secretary of Work and Pensions, said that many job seekers are looking to get a job in an industry that matches their skills, whilst others are willing to return to the same field from which they already have experience. She added that through increasing SWAPs courses, job hunters would be likely to secure a permanent job. The UK has already invested £30bn in innovative planning for jobs to uplift the employment and skills for various sectors. In contrast, nearly 1.8 million job roles will be opening up through DWP’s employment schemes.

Kate Shoesmith, the Deputy CEO of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, said that job planning is the core method of recovering from the ongoing economic downfall. With the help of recruiters, nearly 1 million job seekers can ensure a permanent industry matched position. The CEO added that the employment firms are ready to work and government schemes to bring back the job market to a stable condition. The announcement of hiring 13,500 dedicated ‘Work Coaches’ by DWP in 2021 has also shown some signs of relief in the market.