100 New Engineering jobs will be available in Ireland with Qorvo. An American semiconductor company that designs, manufactures and supplies radio-frequency systems for applications that drive wireless and broadband communications. The jobs will all be highly skilled and mainly be involved in the areas of international ultra-wideband (UWB) product and research and development.

Over the 2 years the positions will open in the field of UWB radio system architecture and modelling, transceiver and baseband designs, power management, system on chip (SoC) integration, embedded software, physical design, and IC characterisation.

The President of Qorvo Mobile Products, Eric Creviston said “As UWB adoption is accelerating across mobile, consumer, IoT, and automotive markets, we are on the verge of the next big wave of innovation in wireless connectivity, much like Bluetooth was 20 years ago.“

The new jobs will be added to Qorvo’s operations in Dublin and a new UWB R&D design centre is planned for Cork. This investment in UWB development will increase Qorvo’s presence in Ireland and enhance its focus on “next-generation” technologies and products.

“As Qorvo’s development centre for advanced UWB technology research, core standards (IEEE) and product development with on-site lab and automated testing, this investment enables Qorvo to scale activities and capabilities to serve UWB customers and applications better,” added William McFadden, Qorvo’s Senior Director of Engineering in Ireland.

The Irish Government aids the company’s expansion through its funding support initiative Industrial Development Authority (IDA) Ireland. Martin Shanahan, chief executive of IDA Ireland said “This investment further enhances the reputation of the Irish semiconductor industry, adding to Ireland’s already strong reputation in microelectronics R&D.”

Source: Breakingnews.IE