4.7 million people in the United States work remotely, and most hybrid or in-office employees would love to join them.

It’s predicted that 22 percent of the American workforce will work remotely by 2025. 

If you want to be a part of this figure and work in the real estate industry, keep reading.

The Best Real Estate Business You Can Run From Home

Real estate is big business. There’s virtually no limit to what career or real estate company you can run out of your home. 

Here are 10 real estate businesses you can start from your home.

Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are professionals that help their clients buy and sell properties.

Agents meet with clients, advertise properties online, and provide professional guidance during the buying and selling process. You can start and run the majority of your business out of your home.

Traditionally, real estate agents will work out of a physical brokerage, but you can find brokers who are willing to let you conduct business remotely.

If you have a decent understanding of technology, you can run virtual showings and market your properties exclusively online.

Real Estate Transaction Coordinator 

A real estate transaction coordinator works with real estate agents and handles administrative duties, such as gathering information or documentation, preparing and submitting documents, and communicating with other agents. A real estate coordinator is similar to a virtual assistant.

You can have your own co-ordination company if you have a real estate co-ordinator license. You don’t need a real estate license to start a business, but it may be preferred by some clients.

To operate from home, you’ll need transaction coordinator software and an internet connection.

Real Estate Blogging 

While most real estate bloggers are real estate agents, you’re not required to work directly in the industry to make money as a writer.

If you have some insider knowledge on real estate or you think you could offer readers a unique perspective, you should start a website right away.

There are plenty of niches you can explore.

Some examples include location-based real estate (i.e., California), property-type real estate, buyer-type real estate (investor, luxury, first-time, retail), seller-type real estate (flippers, sidelined, life events, FSBO), or rental real estate.

Airbnb Management Company

Airbnb hosts need to market their properties to potential customers, but they often let the app do the talking.

That can be a mistake because they’ll miss out on a lot of business. As an Airbnb management company, you’ll handle everything from advertising to financing to repairs.

You can find your first client by contacting hosts via the app and asking if they need a property manager to handle repairs, maintenance, cleaning, and general operations.

You’ll typically charge a fee structure based on commission, hourly, or a flat rate per Airbnb stay.

Real Estate Investment Club

Real estate investment clubs are organizations that bring investors together to buy and sell real estate.

These clubs typically focus on crowdfunding, which is the process of pooling money together for a project. You can start an investment club with 1 member other than yourself.

To make money from this idea, you’ll have to charge an annual fee. If you’re just getting started, your fee likely can’t exceed $50 per member.

However, if you build the club up to include high-profile investors or knowledgeable agents, you could charge $150 per person or more.

Real Estate Podcast

Podcasting is one of the most regularly consumed content in the United States.

In 2021, 57 percent of Americans listened to a podcast, 41 percent of them listened to podcasts monthly.

Real estate is the perfect topic for podcasts because you can share home news and real estate tips.

As a real estate podcast host, you’ll be responsible for organizing, prepping, and editing your episodes weekly.

Podcasting requires decent sound equipment, like microphones, cameras, speakers, and a studio if you’re adding a video feed. You also need to be an entertaining host.

Real Estate Investing (Landlord) 

If you can take out a loan and purchase a property, you can start investing in real estate.

To consistently make money off your homes or apartment complexes, you can rent them out to tenants and become a landlord. You could stand to profit $200-$500 per month from rent.

However, being a good landlord is a big responsibility.

You’ll need to maintain your properties, understand tenant law, and set fair rent prices. If you prefer to take a back seat, you can hire a property manager and maintenance staff who can run your properties as your employees. 

Real Estate Online Courses

Online courses businesses are a fast-growing business model because of their variety and accessibility. Not everyone has the money to go get a real estate license, but they may be able to afford a $200-$300 course. It’s the best way to monetize what you already know.

The fact you want to start a real estate business shows you have extensive, or even exclusive, knowledge on the subject. Start brainstorming topics and a curriculum by looking up other real estate courses online, then locate an e-learning platform you can upload your course to.

Real Estate App Developer

Freelancer programmers can choose from a wide variety of careers, one of which is app developer. Mobile applications are super popular, and the demand for quality real estate-specific apps is rising rapidly. You could partner with brokerages to create stunning applications.

If you were a programmer before getting into real estate, consider brushing up on your skills. You may not know the first thing about application development, but there are many online courses that can help you. Plus, you can use tools like React Native to make apps easily Or you can hire a React Native developer, for instance, to start your own Real Estate app.

Real Estate Marketing Agency

You have to be a marketing wizard to create and promote any business you create. If you’d rather be marketing someone else’s brokerage instead of your own business, you can start working as an independent contractor or hire employees to build a marketing agency. 

While you don’t have to be real estate specific, most brokers prefer to hire marketers with a specific skill set because they know how to promote to certain industries or customers. You’ll need great people skills and communication skills to succeed as a real estate marketer.10 Types of Real Estate Business That You Could Start (and Run) From Home.