WhatNews was launched in January 2021 and was previously known as Cotswold News, a local and well-established source of regional stories covering the Cotswold area of England. After being purchased in 2020 by What Digital (UK) Ltd, Cotswold News was quickly rebranded to cover a broader range of content, specialising in employment, tech and business.

What News Is Important To You?

The slogan “ What News Is Important To You?” was coined because it is our mission to deliver the news we believe is essential to you. WhatNews wants to help our readers enjoy our articles and use what we produce to improve their daily lives and create self-awareness.

WhatNews has, since its inception, been reporting on a range of subjects to highlight the plight of people who are working hard to change their own lives and the lives of others. This can range across many different areas.

Politically, WhatNews has no allegiances and is open to everyone regardless of background, gender, race and location. WhatNews strives to produce the highest standards of reporting and continues to invest in journalism across the globe.

Journalistic Standards

All our writers are expected to work to the best of the abilities and without prejudices of any kind. Internally all writers are working alongside The Editors Code of Practise which is the news industries benchmark for quality journalism.

If our readers want to raise any concerns about our reporting, WhatNews has a robust procedure in place to ensure that we deal with every enquiry with speed and accuracy. If you believe that we have published an inaccurate story, you can get in touch with us here.