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Cost Of Living Rising After Inflation

Microchips aren’t the only shortage plaguing the auto industry right now – workers are in short supply, too, from the smallest Tier 3 supplier to the shop floor of the largest assembly plants, showrooms, and dealership service areas nationwide.

Is a LinkedIn profile important in today’s U.S Job market?

Social media has taken the world by storm thanks to celebrity users such as the US president himself who is a huge fan of Twitter. What makes social media so popular with users is having that outlet where they can show more of themselves, what they like, what makes them laugh, find things that they find important and connect to anyone in the world within seconds. 

Jobs available as a contract manager

Contract managers have the responsibility of creating contracts as well as managing them. Analyzing the financial and operational performance of an organization is also a large part of the role.

Small Businesses struggle to find workers in Northeast Ohio

The US Department of Labor reported Friday that nearly 200,000 jobs were open in September, but that the unemployment rate has dropped. Many industries say they can’t fill job vacancies, leaving some beloved companies in trouble, or worse, shutting down. There are recruitment posters everywhere.

Employers Added 568,000 Jobs in September Beating Expectations

Employers added 568,000 jobs in September, according to a report by private payroll company ADP released Wednesday. That number was better than expected 430,000, following 374,000 created in August. Large companies and the services sector were the most profitable, adding 390,000 and 466,000 jobs, respectively.

Tesla Will Move Headquarters to Austin

Telsa will move its headquarters to Austin, Texas, Elon Musk announced Thursday night. Speaking at Tesla’s annual shareholders meeting, Musk said the decision is necessary due to space limitations in California, although he stressed that Tesla will not withdraw from the Golden State entirely.

I Want That Job! Bridgepoint private equity

Last month, private equity firm Bridgepoint became the first to list the London Stock Exchange since 1994. But a “complicated structure” stops shareholders from knowing just how much executives are paid under the “carried interest” payment scheme

Lycoming County still experiencing high Covid transmission

Lycoming County maintains its position among 89.47% of all US states currently experiencing high levels of COVID-19 community infections. This happens in reports that cases in the United States associated with an increase in delta variants last summer are beginning to decline.


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Workers at Kellogg’s U.S. cereal plants go on strike

Work at all of Kellogg Co.'s grain plants in the US was halted Tuesday when 1,400 workers went on strike, but it was not immediately clear how much supply would be disrupted for Frosted Flakes or any of the other famous brands. of the company. Sales of breakfast cereals soared during the pandemic, particularly those of older brands that have nostalgic value.

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Telegram gained 70 million new users during the WhatsApp outage

Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram Messenger, has revealed that the messaging platform registered 70 million new users on Monday during the interruption of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram that lasted several hours. Even before Durov made the announcement through his Telegram channel, users will have noticed the increase in users on Monday, as the service became noticeably slower when it comes to sending messages.

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